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Mission & History

The Mission Statement of Bon Secours St. Francis Health System is to bring compassion to health care and to be Good Help to Those in Need®, especially those who are poor and dying. As a system of caregivers, we commit ourselves to help bring people and communities to health and wholeness through the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

We call ourselves a health system, and health is exactly what we focus on. We believe that being healthy means more than just not being sick. It means optimizing your health so you can live your life to the fullest. Whether we heal a condition, help you make smarter food choices, inspire you to get moving, or simply offer a word of support, we believe true wellness is about feeling good — body and spirit.

With innovative technology, we heal the body. With faith, we mend the spirit. We draw from a past that's rich in the healing tradition, while strengthening the future through the guidance and support of the Ministry of Bon Secours and the Bon Secours Health System, Inc.

Sisters of Bon Secours

Founded on January 24, 1824, amidst the devastation following the French Revolution, 12 women came together to form the congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours, French for “good help.” In 1881, the congregation was invited to the Archdiocese of Baltimore and crossed the Atlantic to establish a health care ministry in Baltimore, Maryland. By 1909, convents were established in Washington, D.C. and in Detroit, Michigan.

The Sisters of Bon Secours provided the world's first recorded formal home health care service as well as the first day care facility in Baltimore in 1907 to help working mothers whose only alternative was to place their children in orphanages. St. Edmond's Home for Crippled Children, established in 1916, was the first Catholic home for the physically challenged. The Sisters have a long tradition of willingness to take risks in pursuit of innovation, growth and extension of mission.

The Sisters of Bon Secours established their first hospital in Baltimore in 1919 and opened their second, in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, in 1945. By 1980, the Sisters had established and/or managed several Catholic hospitals, long-term care facilities and other health care services.

The Bon Secours Health System was formed in 1983 to provide skilled, unified management and professional resources for all Bon Secours health care operations while preserving Jesus' healing mission and Bon Secours' tradition of providing quality care to all, especially the poor, sick and dying.

St. Francis at a Glance

  • Location: Greenville, South Carolina
  • Employees: 3482
  • Employees (5+ Years) :1596
  • Hospital Beds: 338
  • Volunteers: 205
  • Surgeries (Annually): 5,970 Inpatient/12,560 Outpatient
  • Patients Served (Annually): 20,700 Inpatient/158,600 Outpatient
  • Births (Annually): 2430
  • Free Care and Service (Annually): $66 million


frequently called numbers

864-255-1000  |   ST. FRANCIS downtown
864-675-4000  |   ST. FRANCIS eastside
864-400-3600  |   ST. FRANCIS millennium
864-255-1000  |   St. Francis Outpatient Center
864-458-7141  |   Upstate Surgery Center
864-233-5300  |   St. Francis HomeCare
864-688-1700  |   Open Arms Hospice / McCall Hospice House of Greenville
864-282-4943  |   Central Business Office
864-255-1090  |   Hospital Registration, ST. FRANCIS downtown
864-675-4000  |   Hospital Registration, ST. FRANCIS eastside
864-675-4101  |   Pearlie Harris Center for Breast Health
864-255-1396  |   Mammography Scheduling
864-241-5199  |   Bon Secours Express Care (Urgent Care)
864-991-1956  |   After Hours Care - Millennium
864-238-5369  |   After Hours Care - Travelers Rest